Many years ago…

An adventurous Swiss man fell in love with a beautiful Filipina. Fast forward many years, I proudly stand here as the product of two courageous and loving individuals who built a life together thousands of miles away of the comfort of their respective home countries.

It would be no surprise that I inherited my parents’ insatiable spirit for travel & world experience and thus see life through the lens of an incredible journey. Like any adventure, life & leadership are both immensely complex, thought-provoking and best shared with wonderful company.

These insights lay the groundwork for the the business I would eventually launch in 2018: AmazingLife.Guide.

I hope these philosophies and ideas resonate with you. Read on to find out about my personal leadership journey and the beginning of the AmazingLife.Guide journey.

-Tiffany Elsener, Founder of AmazingLife.Guide


Leadership through Connection

Leadership often felt like a lonely experience, and was only truly rewarding when shared and experienced with others. Through the trials, challenges, treks internally in the mind and externally around the world, I wanted to share my experience and find others with similar values. I recognized the lack of support and resources for emerging individuals striving for success that simultaneously recognized and rewarded authenticity and emotional-intelligence. Surely, I couldn’t be alone in this philosophy!? So I set out on a mission to connect amazing individuals with shared values.

Unified by the idea that leadership and life success must have soul.

For over a decade, I was recognized as an inspirational leader in operational management roles within food & beverage, hospitality & event sectors. There were awards and accolades, but there were also many instances where I felt hollow and empty despite these supposed “achievements”. I began focusing on these feelings and noticed the milestones and goals that had the most sustainable and true impact were those that came from a defined place of heart. I began using training & development as a tool to start changing the status quo of the definitions of “leadership” and “success” and providing events and spaces to enable these conversations to grow and positive change to proliferate.



We shape our future.

This has since become my mission. In 2018, I officially transitioned my passion project into a full-time business - AmazingLife.Guide, and we continue to connect, elevate and do whatever we can to empower others to find their success in leadership & life at the intersection of heart + goal.